Hey Facebook, your help support center is crap.

It’s been almost a month since a friend of mine had her account “Temporarily deactivated”, now here the word temporarily is misleading because she hasn’t recovered her account yet. The worst part is that Facebook doesn’t tell her why the account was blocked. After many hours we came to the conclusion that maybe a jealous friend might have reported her account.
Now can you imagine if she also had a paying subscription to one of those online services that have Facebook based auth logins only?, now she could also be losing money because of this.
So she tried to have Facebook send her a code to a cellphone but their system didn’t sent shit. We live in México so maybe our cellphone carrier is not supported, but do Facebook cares to let you know that?, of course not. So after a few tries for a couple of days Facebook now just shows a message which says “The system is overloaded”. Overloaded with what!?, fuck this is just so frustrating because that message is the only thing that appears from now on.
After a long period of time she received an email from Facebook but it didn’t help at all, they didn’t give any info on why her account was blocked or anything they just sent her a link to the same page where you tell Facebook to send you a code.
The worst thing of all this is that Facebook has top notch engineers working for them, why not try to improve the help support center?. Oh no they can’t they are too busy developing all those innovating features right?.
The good thing is that now I know how to deactivate my account in just one simple step. Just tell a friend to report your profile and Facebook will not give a fuck and deactivate your account for you without a notice. This way you won’t have to receive those fucking emails from them trying to convince you to come back and activate your account.
Facebook please get your shit together. This mechanism of recovering your account is unfriendly, inhuman, it frustrates users and leads to posts like this one. My friend since then has been feeling sad, desperate and depress from all this, it saddens me to see her like this.




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