My name is Guillermo Cruz. I’m a full stack developer who likes likes to create solutions to problems even if that means hacking my way in to reach the end goal.

Personal Information

Technical Skills

Programming Languages:

  • Python (10 years)
  • Javascript (7+ years)
  • ES5/ES6 (2 years)
  • SQL (10 years)
  • CSS3 (7 years)
  • HTML5 (7 years)
  • Swift (3 years)
  • VB Macros (3 motnhs)
  • Apps Script (2 months)


  • Pyramid (5+ years)
  • Flask (6 months)
  • ReactJS (2 years)
  • React Native (1 year)

Unit Testing

  • Pytest
  • Enzyme

Crypto Technologies

  • Web3 (2 years)
  • Blockchain Protocol (2 years)

Version Control

  • Git (5 years)

Design Tools

  • Photoshop (4 years)
  • Sketch (1 year)

Database Servers

  • MySQL (2 years)
  • Firebase (3 years)
  • Postgres (6 years)
  • MongoDB (6 months)
  • Cassandra (1 month)

Dev Ops

Operating Systems

  • Linux (8 years)
    I’ve been deploying apps for almost 8 years. Compiling packages, upgrading, configuration, cron jobs, etc. I always try to keep it old school and deploy Debian whenever possible.
  • Mac (5 years)
    I started developing on MacOS only because it was a requirement to do iOS programming. 

Service Providers

  • Linode (5 years)
    Manage VPS, configuring Node balancers, DNS zones and stats.
  • Google Compute Engine (6 months)
    Node management and balancing.
  • Amazon Web Service (1 year)
    Node deployment, managements and Alexa Skills deployment.
  • Cloudflare (1 year)
    Domain setup, firewall rules, etc.

Recent Professional Experience

Freelance, Mexico –

Full Stack Developer.

Neverdie Studios, Los Angeles, CA
April 2017 – January 2019
Lead programmer in charge of creating a gaming platform that runs on the Ethererum network. The goals accomplished were the following:

Data schema design and implementation.

An interface that communicates with the main database and the Ethereum blockchain. – Schema design (Swagger). – Programming and implementation.

Websocket API:
A websocket endpoint that provides wallet balances in real time and smart contract event logs.

  • Programming and implementation.

Crypto Wallet:
A web app where users have the ability to manage their crypto tokens.

Frontend programming (ReactJS).
Crypto Wallet Extension (Chrome, Firefox)
I ported the crypto wallet to run as an extension for browsers. Adding the ability for Ethereum games to communicate with the wallet ala Metamask. Although this project was not released to the public I do have a demo I can show.

Programming (ReactJS)
Alexa Skills Development
Created an Alexa Skills that communicates with the REST API to fetch token prices.

  • Programing and deployment (Javascript, AWS)

DevOps Tasks:

  • Linux system setup and configuration (Debian). – DB server setup and administration (Postgres). – Web server setup and configuration (Nginx). – Blockchain node setup and administration (Geth, Parity). – Node balancing (Blockchain nodes). – Cron jobs administration. – Cloudflare management.

By far this has been the most exciting job I’ve had. Always keeping with the latest changes, upgrading to the latest package versions, learning about new protocols, moving from one code base to the other, etc. If it wasn’t for this job I would still be programming in Python 2.7.

Riviera Maya Shop, Playa del Carmen, QROO –

January 2016 – December 2016
Lead developer in charge of creating a mcommerce platform (Mobile Commerce). The main idea was to create a mobile app where local shop owners would affiliate to and show off their products.

Mcommerce platform development

  • Design and implementation REST API (Python).
  • Development of mobile app for iOS (Swift).
  • Website design(HTML5, CSS).

Realprops, Toronto, Canadá

June 2014 – November 2015
Created a custom CRM for Real Estate agents and managers.

CRM development for Real Estate agency.

  • Frontend coding (Javascript, HTML)
  • Backend coding (Python, Javascript)
  • Devops administration

Ilunova (MindArk), Playa del Carmen, QROO –

April 2010 — May 2014
I was part of the Q&A team as well as the security team for the game Entropia Universe.

  • Video game testing.
  • Developed scripts to monitor suspicious transactions within the game (Python).
  • Technical support for users.

A very interesting job where I learned more about web security and cyber attacks.

Open Source Contributions

Whenever possible like to share my knowledge, contribute to fix errors or improve the open source community. Here are some of the contributions I’ve made to open source projects.


Facebook-SDK (Python)


angular-local-storage (Javascript)


Chube Bindings for Linode (Python)


Pyramid_jwt (Python)